Renaming Cell Descriptions:

On occasion it may become necessary to change the cell descriptions that have been entered in the Beckman data acquisition program. UltraScan provides facilities for changing these descriptions after the data has been acquired.

  1. The first opportunity for changing the cell content descriptions is before the data is edited. The cell descriptions can be changed in the Run Details window of the editing control window. The field "Cell Descriptions" is editable.

  2. The second method of editing the cell descriptions is provided through menu entries in the "Edit:Velocity" or "Edit:Equilibrium" menu entries, as well as through the "Utilities" menu.

The second method can be used at any time after the data has been edited. After the dataset to be edited has been selected, the Velocity or Equilibrium details window will open up and allow you to change the text in the "Cell Description" field. Repeat this process for each cell for which you want to change the cell description.

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