Scan Diagnostics:

The scan diagnostics utility can be invoked by clicking on the "Diagnostics" entry in the Utility Menu from the Main Menu of UltraScan. The purpose of this module is to present the parameters and contents of a scanfile in a graphical way. In absorbance scans, radial scans are measured with varying radial increments. Since the radial increments are not constant, this module will show the radial increments as delta-r plots. In addition, all parameters are extracted from the file header and shown.

Explanation of buttons and fields:

  • Load Scan
  • Select a scan file from your data directory. Valid files are velocity, equilibrium, absorbance and interference scans. Invalid files are automatically detected and will not load.
  • Print Delta Plot
  • Create postscript file or a printout of the delta-r plot.
  • Print Scan Plot
  • Create postscript file or a printout of the scan plot.
  • Help
  • Call up this help file.
  • Close
  • Quit the Scan Diagnostics module

  • Filename
  • The name of the selected file.
  • Cell
  • The cell position that the scan was taken in the original run. This may be different from the file name extension if the data was collected with the older UltraScan software which could renumber the scans under certain conditions.
  • Scanmode
  • Choices are "Radial" (R), "Interference" (P), "Incidence" (I) or "Wavelength" (W).
  • Temperature
  • Temperature in oC.
  • Rotor Speed
  • The rotor speed in rpm.
  • Scan Time
  • Time of scan in seconds measured from start of run.
  • Omega2-t
  • The total force on the rotor measured in Omega2-t at the time of the scan.
  • Wavelength
  • The wavelength in nm.
  • Repetitions
  • The number of repetitions measure for each datapoint.
  • Datapoints
  • The number of datapoints in the scan file.
  • Filesize
  • The size of the datafile in bytes.
  • Datapoint Density
  • The average density of datapoints per centimeter.

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