Administrator Module:

You can start the administrator module from the File menu by clicking on "Administrator". You are then presented with a dialog, which prompts you to enter an administrator password.

UltraScan should be installed such that the administrator program is only executable by the administrator of the UltraScan software package (generally root). The password is saved in an encrypted form on the harddrive, but shouldn't be considered very secure. Several UltraScan functions are protected with the Administrator password, such as functions that control the deleting of records in the database. Those functions cannot be executed by a regular user, unless he/she is in the possession of the administrator's password. To make sure nobody else changes the administrator passwords, the module "us_admin" in $ULTRASCAN/bin should be chmod'ed to 700, (chmod 700 $ULTRASCAN/bin/us_admin) and then the ownership should be changed to the ownership of UltraScan's administrator (generally root).

On Windows computers no user-based permission change is possible, since Windows has to be considered a single-user computer due to lack of multi-user security. Anyone using a Windows computer will be able to change the administrator's password, unless the administrator first creates the password and then deletes the file $ULTRASCAN/bin/us_admin.exe. A drastic cure, but the only one possible under Windows.

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